“The Problem You Solve Is More Important Than The Code You Write.”

My interest in computer programming was sparked when I was exploring the local bookstore and found an interesting book called “The C Language in Easy Steps”. Although still a child, I started reading and trying to do the exercises in the book. Although it was not easy (everyone familiar with C knows what I mean) I managed to get a basic understanding of the compiler, the basic language constructs and operators and even began to write simple programs that solve different mathematical problems. When the time for university was closing in I knew the I wanted to be a software engineer. 

My official career began as a junior software engineer back in 2011 when I was in my first year of university.

I started working for a company specialized in research & development in the field of processing extremely large datasets in real-time. (This was later called BigData). I spent the next 4 years developing a high-performance database indexing structure and building a solid foundation of knowledge about algorithms, data structures and computer science in general.

After I finished my Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science, I decided that I need to move on and focus on the next big thing – the cloud.

My decision landed me in VMware and PS CoE department (Professional Services Centre of Excellence) where I focus heavily on virtualisation, public, private and hybrid clouds. I also take part in the development of SDDC deployment automation solutions and tools, custom integration between third-party systems and VMware products, automation, extensibility, customer support and consulting.

I always want to explore new things and DevOps is one of the areas that sparked a deep interest in me. I started developing skills in cloud infrastructure, containers and DevOps in general and that is one of the main areas that I will focus on in the future.



I don’t particularly like to talk about what languages and technologies I’ve used. I believe that a good software engineer should not bind to any specific technology stack and always strive to find the best possible tools to do the job.

For the curious, here are some examples what I’ve faced along my journey so far:

vSphere (vCenter Server, ESXi)
vRealize Orchestrator
Go Lang
vRealize Automation
VMware NSX

…and many more.